Platinum Roofing started in San Jose California, where we still hold our Home Office. Bill Shevlin, the President and CEO of Platinum, has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Since the very beginning, Platinum has been a commercial roofing contractor that is customer-centered and with a specialization in providing energy efficient solutions.

Our Mission

Platinum is committed towards providing the best energy efficient technologies to our clients. We accomplish this through energy measures which can include roofing, daylighting, lighting, insulation and solar. We know that maximizing efficiency for our clients can make a real difference not only to their bottom line, but to their health, the environment and the world. We are passionate about making our world a better place one building at a time.

The “Coolest” Commercial Roofers!

We are the only commercial roofing contractor in San Jose and Beyond that offer the Platinum E2System. Our unique system looks at a building’s entire energy envelope and reduces the building energy consumption to pay for building upgrades. The system has 10 key areas that it addresses:

  1. Benchmarking – Shows how, where and what drives energy use. A key step in identifying opportunities to lower energy and operating costs
  2. Daylight Harvesting – Improves a building’s energy efficiency, occupant productivity and reduces operating costs.
  3. Energy Efficiency – Platinum examines all possible energy upgrades to create the best possible Return on Investment.
  4. Insulation – To further increase energy efficiency the Platinum E2 System can include insulation upgrades within the roofing system.
  5. LED – For even more savings, our E2 Systems can include a multitude of LED lighting options that cover every area that requires lighting.
  6. Light Controls – Updating to new lighting technologies enables buildings to reduce lighting energy bills up to 70% while increasing available light.
  7. Monitoring – Real time monitoring helps improve energy use
  8. Other Sources – Alternative energy projects
  9. Solar – Platinum can develop a turnkey energy production solar array
  10. Windows – We can provide the latest window technologies to create a more efficient design.

We are more than just commercial roofers. We offer a range of services to help our clients throughout 7 western states to achieve maximum cost savings.

Top 9 Platinum Facts

  1. 10-year labor/annual MAINTENANCE WARRANTIES
  2. We install MILLIONS of square feet of re-roofing per year
  3. 97.5% of our projects EXCEED client expectations
  4. Projects finished ON-SCHEDULE: 98%
  5. 94.7% of our roofs are CALL-BACK free
  6. We have a 99.9% CUSTOMER RETENTION rate
  7. We provide WRITTEN GUARANTEES on most service calls
  8. 95.3% 1st time SUCCESS on emergency service calls
  9. 24-HOUR emergency response hotline

U.S. Green Building Council MemberEnergy Star