modern solar panelsPowering the world is dirty work. Just to light up homes and offices, we suffer through carbon emissions, coal slurry, nuclear waste and other waste pollutants that wreak havoc on the environment, and endure numerous health problems. At the same time, their supply are limited. But did you know that on any given day, about 35,000 times the total energy consumed by humans fall on the face of the Earth? The sun provides more than humankind will ever need, all for free! Nonetheless, solar power is not the preferred source of energy all over the world, mainly because people still don’t understand their benefits. Here’s why should invest in solar commercial roofing now:

Huge Financial Rewards from having a Solar Roof

Solar power has always been the most expensive energy option. It’s an investment – you need to purchase solar equipment and have it installed in your home or office. These costs a pretty penny. However, after these initial financial outlay, you will reap huge financial rewards moving forward.

For one, your monthly power bills will be reduced as you will be shifting your power source to one that is free. After some time, you can recoup your investment through the savings in your power bill. For example, if you spent $5000, on your solar commercial roofing which gives you a savings of $50 a month on your power bill, the system will pay for itself in 100 months or a little over 8 years. Considering that the government now gives tax breaks for solar power users plus rebates from utility companies, you will find that going solar is a lot cheaper.

Not only will you save on your bills, the value of your home will also appreciate. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers (NAREA), the value of your home appreciates by as much as 20 times your savings in energy costs. More and more homebuyers are willing to pay for solar homes.

Help the Environment by installing a Solar Roof

When you install solar commercial roofing, you reduce your carbon footprint, the measure of how much carbon dioxide you release to the environment because of your energy-consuming habits. The typical carbon footprint is about 18 tons per year. Solar, on the however, does not leave any. In fact, by using solar, you are helping save the amount of regular power, same power you don’t get from the electric grid. You also don’t need transmission lines and all the problems they bring (e.g. cancer). At the same time, you also help reduce pollution by not using conventional power sources.

Installing solar commercial roofing in your business is not cheap. Not everyone has the cash nor the inclination to make such a huge investment. Timing and location is also important when using solar power. The energy varies from region to region, sometimes even around your business. But if you consider the long term benefits of solar roofing, you will find ultimately find that they will outweigh the costs. Your initial sacrifice will not only impact your business, you will also make a contribution to your community. Of course, ultimately, going solar is a personal choice.