Energy-efficient roofing: Good for the bottom line and the environment.

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Question: How do you know when you’re an industry leader? Answer: When someone says to you, “Hey, cool roof!” And in this case the word “cool” truly has multiple meanings. First, the person making the comment has noticed your building’s energy-efficient roofing. He knows that it: Is good for the environment, Saves your business money,... Read more »

Trusted Professionals Crucial in Commercial Roofing

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Commercial roofing presents a different set of challenges and priorities to property owners when compared to residential roofing. The technical requirements of installing and maintaining a commercial roof are far greater than what a residential roof demands. Further, the investment in a commercial roof, and the way a property owner views that investment are different... Read more »

Commercial Roofing: Not for Every Contractor

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There are a number of construction trades involved in building and maintaining any commercial property, but none is as critical as roofing. Simply put, the roof over your head protects everything under it—all the other physical elements of the building itself, the equipment and furnishings in the building and even the employees. Further, while some... Read more »

Benefits of TPO Type Roof

When you are looking to install a new roof, there are many different types of materials. One of the newer types of roofing materials is called thermoplastic olefin (TPO), which is an energy efficient variety. It is  UV resistant, heat resistant and weldable by heat. There are pros and cons to every material you choose... Read more »

Platinum Roofing completed a 230,000 square foot energy efficient roofing project for SanDisk in Milpitas California

  Contact Bill Telephone Platinum Roofing Inc Phone (800) 284-5887 Email Website FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 1, 2013 The New Fluid Applied Membrane energy efficient roof system is ideal for waterproofing applications where use of a sheet membrane is difficult, which provides lasting waterproofing protection. San Jose, CA, November 1, 2013– Platinum Roofing,... Read more »