Platinum Roofing Announces Major Partnership and Expanded Management Team to Accelerate Growth

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Respected Industry Veteran Bill Shevlin named Chief Executive Officer to Drive Next Phase of Growth                                SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 20, 2015 – Platinum Roofing, an industry leader in energy efficient roofing systems, announced today a major partnership with GlobalLink1 Capital to significantly accelerate its growth and expand its leadership position as a provider of commercial roofing and rooftop photovoltaic solar solutions. The partnership with GlobalLink1 Capital, a global investment firm that specializes in providing intelligent capital to high-quality businesses, will enable Platinum Roofing to improve customer satisfaction and execute on an aggressive financial and operational growth plan to significantly … Read More

Diamond Certified – Once Again …



Platinum Roofing, Inc. provides reroofing, roof repairs (including 24/7 emergency service), and roof inspections and maintenance for commercial clients throughout Northern California. The company has extensive experience working on apartment buildings, shopping centers, warehouses and other sensitive tenant structures. Its expertise extends to all roofing types, including fiberglass shingle, cedar shake, traditional hot asphalt and TPO single ply membrane, and it carries materials from top manufacturers such as Firestone, Carlisle and GAF. Owner Michael Stephenson established his first roofing business in 1976 and spent the next 20 years working on Bay Area homes. Driven by a need to take on … Read More

Benefits of Solar Roofing

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Solar Commercial Roof

Powering the world is dirty work. Just to light up homes and offices, we suffer through carbon emissions, coal slurry, nuclear waste and other waste pollutants that wreak havoc on the environment, and endure numerous health problems. At the same time, their supply are limited. But did you know that on any given day, about 35,000 times the total energy consumed by humans fall on the face of the Earth? The sun provides more than humankind will ever need, all for free! Nonetheless, solar power is not the preferred source of energy all over the world, mainly because people still … Read More

PACE and how it works

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PACE Financing

PACE is an adaptation of a common financing technique used for decades throughout the United States: local governments provide financing that is repaid with a property tax based assessment for improvements that benefit property owners and also meet a public purpose. Using PACE, cities and counties promote energy efficiency upgrades, on-site renewable energy projects, and in some places, water conservation and resiliency measures. PACE can be used to finance 100 percent of a project’s costs with a repayment term matching the useful life of the implemented measures. To date, nearly 500 municipalities in the United States participate in PACE programs. … Read More

Platinum Roofing Receives Special Recognition from Leading Roofing Manufacturer


Carlisle's ESP 2014

Carlisle SynTec Systems, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-ply roofing systems and products recently honored Platinum Roofing, with the 2014 Excellence in Single-Ply Award. One of the most prestigious awards in the commercial roofing industry, ESP was created 17 years ago to identify and reward Carlisle’s most successful contractor partners. ESP status is awarded annually to a small percentage of Carlisle’s most dedicated and professionally minded applicators. Selection into this elite group is based on a company’s volume and quality of Carlisle single-ply roofing system installations. “Carlisle SynTec is grateful for the strong partnership we share with Platinum Roofing, … Read More

Energy-efficient roofing: Good for the bottom line and the environment.

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Question: How do you know when you’re an industry leader? Answer: When someone says to you, “Hey, cool roof!” And in this case the word “cool” truly has multiple meanings. First, the person making the comment has noticed your building’s energy-efficient roofing. He knows that it: Is good for the environment, Saves your business money, and Keeps you cool when the sun is shining brightly. See what we mean? An energy-efficient roof is very “cool.” American spend something like $40 billion each year running their air conditioning units to keep the interiors of their buildings cool. In fact, one-sixth of … Read More

The Future is Solar and the Future is Now

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We’ve all watched the price of fossil fuels go up over the years. It hits us every time we fill our gas tanks. Even though the U.S. is in the middle of a dramatic increase in oil production, it hasn’t done much, or anything, to bring down energy costs from the standard sources. However, no one has yet figured out a way to charge for sunlight and that, along with excellent technological improvements, is making solar power an increasingly attractive choice. And one of the best ways to cash in on this trend in your business is with a solar … Read More

Trusted Professionals Crucial in Commercial Roofing

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Commercial roofing presents a different set of challenges and priorities to property owners when compared to residential roofing. The technical requirements of installing and maintaining a commercial roof are far greater than what a residential roof demands. Further, the investment in a commercial roof, and the way a property owner views that investment are different from the point of view a homeowner would typically have concerning the roof that shelters the family. For these reasons, it’s especially important to employ trusted and experienced professionals when installing, maintaining and repairing commercial roofs. Let’s look at a few of these points in … Read More