Building Energy Efficiency today is a hot topic.
But implementing energy efficiency can be confusing and frustrating.

Some energy efficiency measures for your buildings can include windows, insulation, roofing, lighting, daylighting, HVAC and monitoring systems to name
a few. An energy efficiency plan should be established which implements improvements based upon ROI and finance options. Today there are various tax credits and finance options that make energy efficiency paybacks with little or no money out of pocket.

If your building is older than 10 years chances are you may be able to create savings opportunities of up to 40%. A typical finance scenario might include the following installing new roofing, HVAC, window efficiency and lighting with a savings of 25% per month. This savings is wrapped into a finance agreement that allows installation of the upgrades without capital outlay. The net savings pay for the finance of upgrades with net savings going to the building owner.

Typical ROI on projects can be as follows:

Lighting 1 – 3 years

Daylighting 1 – 2 years

Cool Roofing 3 – 7 years

Windows 1 – 5 years

If you are planning facility upgrades wouldn’t it make sense to see if it could be accomplished without affecting your capital budget?