There are a number of construction trades involved in building and maintaining any commercial property, but none is as critical as roofing.

Simply put, the roof over your head protects everything under it—all the other physical elements of the building itself, the equipment and furnishings in the building and even the employees.

Further, while some construction professionals occasionally work at heights, by the very nature of their job roofers are always operating up above the ground.

Add all of this up and you begin to see why not every contractor is cut out to be a roofing contractor. Let’s look at these points and others in a little more detail.

Protecting your property

Homeowners and commercial property owners who have had their property for a number of years have probably—at one time or another—experienced a roof leak. If that’s you, you know what a helpless feeling it can be.

That’s when you need a top quality, professional commercial roofing contractor who is responsive and does work that is guaranteed. When you’re dealing in what some would consider “emergency” situations you want a roofer who has the experience to calmly and professionally handle the situation.

Unfortunately, as with other construction trades, some individuals will start a roofing company with little or no capital. There is bad news and good news associated with this fact. The bad news is that the unwitting commercial property owner can have a terrible experience with such a roofer. The good news is that this fly-by-night roofer won’t be in business long—at least not in the San Jose or Santa Clara Valley area.

However, the best idea is to always go with a roofer who has documented experience and longevity in your specific location.

Safety record

At Platinum Roofing we follow the industry through various professional publications and we often read small news stories about roofing companies that win awards from their insurance providers due to their stellar safety records. That’s very important in our industry.

As you probably know, not everyone in the construction trades is as dedicated to safety as they should be and it’s doubly important when you’re working on roofs. It takes the proper balance of experience, caution, planning, training and skill to maintain the highest safety standards. We’re proud of our commitment to safety at Platinum Roofing.


Your commercial roof is one of the biggest determinants in the heating and cooling of your building. You want to work with a commercial roofing contractor who is knowledgable about the latest eco-friendly roofing materials and can show you which would best suit your installation. Making the right decisions upfront will save property owners thousands of dollars in energy costs over the years.

Your commercial roofer must be dedicated to continuing education and professional associations as well as have a personal commitment to improving the environment. As you probably know, those attributes don’t describe everyone who gets into the building trades.

Explore our website and you’ll find additional information that should be helpful as you select a suitable high quality commercial roofing contractor in San Jose and the surrounding area. And remember, just because someone calls himself a roofing contractor, it doesn’t mean that he’s truly suited to work in the industry.