Although roofing systems are usually categorized as either residential or commercial, all roofs basically perform the same function: to protect a structure from weather forces like snow, rain, wind and heat, and to shelter its occupants. However, when it comes to roofing problems, the incidence for each classification differs. While homeowners usually hire roofers for leaks and deteriorating shingles, building managers call for commercial roof repair for the following problems.

Faulty Flashing

Unlike houses where flashing is usually placed around the chimney, skylights, or valleys, commercial buildings require flashing for more areas. It’s installed around all the objects that protrude from the roof such as pipes and vents, walls, and curbs. Since flashings are where the most contractions and expansions occur, it’s vulnerable to breakage that results in leaks.

Defective Drains

Since most commercial roofs are low-sloped or flat, it’s a must for owners to regularly check gutters, pipes, or drains for any obstructions or defects. Clogged drains can lead to standing water, one of the worst enemies of commercial roofs. This can be due to HVAC units with an obstructed drain line or the rains. If you notice standing water on your roof surface, you may need to call a commercial roofer to find which drains need repair.

Wind Damage

During a storm, forceful and high winds can cause some components of your roof to blow off, loosen, or break. A roof that has poor wind uplift resistance will exhibit cracks or openings between membranes. It will also have missing caps on the vents. When this happens, call professionals from established San Francisco commercial roof repair companies such as Platinum Roofing, Inc. to efficiently repair or replace your roof.

Poor Workmanship

Unfortunately, if you weren’t able to monitor the construction of your commercial roof or to choose the best contractor for it, then you’re in for a headache. When not done right the first time, roof installation or repair will almost always bring about persistent and numerous problems. In this situation, it’s wise to get in touch with a leading commercial roofer to right the wrongs of your former contractor.

The roof of any building will eventually deteriorate. But as long as you remain alert and watchful for signs of damage, you won’t have such a hard time keeping your roof in great shape, and maintaining the overall integrity of your building.

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