Roof Repair in San FranciscoYour building, and roof specifically, take quite a beating during the winter months. The unforgiving weather even here in the Bay Area can take a serious toll on your roof. There are a wide range of issues that can go wrong during this time of the year, most of which have to do with the rain, snow and cold temperatures. By identifying the common problems with your roof, you will be more aware of the roofing repairs you might need to call a contractor for. 



One of the problems that your roof is facing this winter might be condensation. This occurs when there is a cold surface that gets hit by warm air. So over night, it is very chilly and your roof’s materials become cold. Then during the day, the sun shines, warming it up. This can cause condensation, which then leads to mildew and mold. This damages not just the exterior roof, but can also damage inside your home or business. Ventilating your home can protect the inside, but you may still need repair work done by a contractor.



Roof LeaksRoof LeaksNearly every type of roofing material has a problem with leaks in the wintertime. This can happen any time there is damage in the roof, as even the smallest crack leads to a leak. Plus, these small holes and cracks gradually get bigger when they don’t have proper repair work done fast enough. Water damage happens during the winter because of the mixture of rain, snow and cold temperatures. If you live in a warmer climate, you may not have as big of a problem, but should still get your roof inspected regularly to prevent more serious damage.


Shingle Damage

ShinglesLastly, your roof has the potential to get shingle damage. The contrast between warm and freezing cold temperatures in the winter, plus water damage, are all very hard on the shingle roofs. They can start withering away, bruise, blister or crack on your roof. You may loose your shingles and cause them to be replaced if you don’t start getting these repairs done.



San Jose Commercial RoofingAnother issue you may experience in winter is with icicles. Even though California generally does not see freezing temperatures in the recent years even the sunny state experienced temperatures capable of producing Icicles. Icicles form with the contrast between warm and sub-freezing days. It can cause icicles to form on the edge of your roof, which then melt and cause damage to your downspouts and gutters. They can also be dangerous to your pets and people in your home and business, not to mention the damage to your gutters. If you keep your gutters clear, there is less chance of icicles forming.


Ice Buildup

Ice buildup is a very common problem in the winter for your roof. This is especially difficult when you have shingle roofing in an area that gets a lot of snow. Fluctuating temperatures can cause snow one minute, then melting of that snow, then re-freezing of the melted ice on the roof. This is very damaging to your room because it accumulates on the edge of the room, which is known as an ice dam. This makes a barrier so the water when snow drains, cannot access the gutters of your roof.