Cool roof systems: An overview

A cool roof reflects the sun’s heat and releases it back into the atmosphere. As their name implies, cool roofs are designed to stay cool and reduce the amount of heat that penetrates the property, thereby ensuring constant temperature indoors. Cool roof systems from reliable San Jose roofers like Platinum Roofing also reduce energy consumption by lessening the need to turn up air conditioning units.

Implementing a cool roof system

No extensive work is required when transforming existing roofs into cool roof systems. This basically entails the application of polyester-reinforced white acrylic fluid over the surfaces of existing roofs. Reflective roof coating effectively seals small areas where water is likely to penetrate, thus extending the life span of any roof.

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Other types of reflective roof coating

Aside from polyester-reinforced white acrylic fluid, polyurethane and elastomeric roof coatings offer excellent reflective properties. In addition to reflective coating, some building owners opt for an additional layer of thin membranes or PVC sheets. These membranes can consist of rubber, plastic, or aluminum.

Preparing a roof for reflective roof coating

Before roof coating is applied, expert roofers check the existing roofing system for any worn-out sections or missing shingles. Commercial roof inspection and repair should be entrusted to skilled commercial roof repair specialists. Once the necessary repairs are successfully completed, a coat primer is applied to ensure that the coating sticks properly.

Maintenance requirements

Exposure to dust, dew, and other elements can impact the efficiency of reflective roof coating systems. As such, regular cleaning or reapplication is highly recommended. Strict adherence to standard maintenance procedures can also help preserve a cool roof.