With all the public awareness of Global Warming that has been exposed to the people of America, have you ever wondered how you can help to cut your carbon footprints and contribute to a brighter future for America? By building or improving your roof, you can not only help protect our planet, but also save money for you and your company.

San Jose Cool Roof  “Cool Roofs” have been found to be extremely efficient in reducing cooling costs and lowering carbon emission, studies have even convinced President Obama to take action within his own government in reducing their carbon footprints.

According to President Obama’s EXECUTIVE ORDER 13514 the federal government is making the effort in creating a better environment for our nation and has even allowed Secretary Chu to make the first real effort by directing Department of Energy Offices to install cool roofs because as Secretary Chu has stated that cool roofs “are one of the quickest and lowest cost ways we can reduce our global carbon emissions and begin the hard work of slowing climate change… By demonstrating the benefits of cool roofs on our facilities, the federal government can lead the nation toward more sustainable building practices, while reducing the federal carbon footprint and saving money for taxpayers.” (Energy.Gov)

Since cool roofs are known to be the quickest way to lower costs and reduce global carbon emissions, what is stopping you from getting one today?