Energy Conservation With Cool Roofs

Retail and commercial establishments invest significantly on air conditioning and heating systems in their effort to keep customers satisfied. During very warm or extremely cold weather, Energy Conservation With Cool Roofs systems take up much of the overhead cost. Little attention, however, is given to roofs, which actually play a vital role in cooling high-traffic places or maintaining heat where necessary.

In recent years, increased environmental awareness has prompted the development of sustainable energy solutions, which include the creation of “cool roofing” systems. Many roofers, including Platinum Roofing, offer such innovative roofs for business establishments.

What Are Cool Roofs?

Cool roofing systems are special roofs designed to reflect solar energy away from the building. One example of achieving this is by painting the roof in bright colors like white, which reflect sunlight. A white vinyl membrane can also be set up within the roofing material. Some roofers apply a reflective coating on the surface. Others recommend the so-called green roof, which is best exemplified by San Francisco’s very own California Academy of Sciences. Green roofs usually have a layer of vegetation put up over water-resistant membranes.

On a clear day, cool roofing can reduce the temperature gains to only as high as 25F above regular levels; dark-colored roofs often get hotter by as much as 126F under the same conditions. Some studies conducted on this technology found that annual energy expenditure for cooling in these cool-roofed buildings has significantly decreased. And while the annual heating load increased, it wasn’t as significant as the reduction in cooling energy. At the same time, cool roofing membranes can last longer than standard ones because of higher UV ray tolerance.

San Jose commercial roofing contractors such as Platinum Roofing provide a host of cool roofing solutions that customers can choose from. Daylight harvesting systems use special photosensors that detect the level of ambient level of daylight and adjust the lighting in the interior to match it. The roofing system can also be insulated to provide further protection and increase the efficiency of the temperature system indoors.

Going for a cool roofing solution in their commercial buildings and retail establishments will be a wise choice for developers and businessmen. It will not only lower their electricity bills but will also aid in the global campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.