Question: How do you know when you’re an industry leader?

Answer: When someone says to you, “Hey, cool roof!”

And in this case the word “cool” truly has multiple meanings. First, the person making the comment has noticed your building’s energy-efficient roofing. He knows that it:

  • Is good for the environment,
  • Saves your business money, and
  • Keeps you cool when the sun is shining brightly.

See what we mean? An energy-efficient roof is very “cool.”

American spend something like $40 billion each year running their air conditioning units to keep the interiors of their buildings cool. In fact, one-sixth of all the electricity we generate goes toward keeping our interiors cool.

Lower your bills

As the owner or manager of a commercial building, you’re footing part of that bill. We probably don’t have to tell you how much it adds up to over the years. It suffices to say that the cost is very significant.

At Platinum Roofing, we’ve anticipated the growing importance of energy-efficient roofing and are leaders in this sector of the industry. We have a depth of experience in a number of excellent energy-efficient roofing systems.

The federal Energy Star program has published some general information on energy-efficient roofing along with some case studies. The impact can be dramatic. Some of these newer roofing materials can lower the roof surface temperature by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Peak cooling demand can be reduced up to 15 percent.

Employees can enjoy a comfortable year-round working environment while the business saves money each month on its energy bills.

Reduce maintenance costs

Of course, there are additional advantages for the building owner. Owners find that by reducing the burden on their HVAC systems, their mechanicals last longer, require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Also, being able to moderate the temperature fluctuations within a building improves the building’s overall health, extending the service life of the roof.

Also, it’s much more pleasant for employees when the HVAC system isn’t constantly cycling on and off, and that rewards you with a happier and more productive workforce.

Owners also find that installing an energy-efficient roof helps promote positive public relations. Environmental concerns are on almost everyone’s mind in the Bay Area. You can create a lot of good will for your business by making a tangible expression of your commitment to a cleaner environment by installing an energy-efficient roof.

Ease peak demand concerns

Typically, the peak demand for electricity is when businesses all have their air conditioning cranked up. With an energy-efficient roof, you dramatically decrease your demand for electricity during the most crucial hours of the day.

Some of us remember the “brown outs” that occurred some years ago and we know that California is always on the edge of its electricity producing capacity. Energy-efficient roofs greatly ease these worries.

Related to that, of course, are the pollutants that come with increased energy production. Your new energy-efficient roof goes a long way toward reducing your “carbon footprint” and keeping CO2, the greenhouse gas, out of the atmosphere.