Regular Roof Maintenance – A Good Idea2018-06-03T03:11:34+00:00

roof-maintenance-1Did you know that 70% of all early roof failure is due to lack of normal roof maintenance or flashing details?

Regularly maintaining roof system components that are constantly exposed to the elements will eliminate or reduce chemical, physical, and thermal stresses. Left unchecked, these stresses can shorten a roof’s service life and cause untimely damages.

Flashings are the transition materials between the primary roofing materials and the features that don’t get covered with roofing materials. In all of PRI’s roofing assemblies, manufacturer flashing details are strictly followed and even upgraded in some instances, assuring our customers a fuller term roofing system.

The flashing materials and areas most affected by “normal aging” are the following:

  • Caulking
  • Mastics
  • Base flashings
  • Coping metal
  • Pitch pan filler
  • Mechanical duct work
  • Misc. metal terminations
  • Counter flashings
  • Edge metal
  • Masonry walls
  • Fasteners
  • Drains
  • Areas of foot traffic
  • Misc. penetration flashings
  • Protective surface coatings
  • Expansion joints
  • Ponding water areas
  • Exhaust or leaks from machinery

Most manufacturer warranties are contingent on the building owner having roof maintenance performed annually. It is always wise to include an annual roof maintenance program to not only avoid potential manufacturer warranty issues, but to know your overall roof performance and condition.
-Michael Stephenson

Tile Roof Restoration and Repair

roof-maintenance-3One of the many extended services that Platinum Roofing, Inc. offers is tile roof restoration and repair. Through a cleaning and sealing process we can restore faded, stained and weather damaged roofing tile back to their original color. First, we clean the roof by removing dirt and fungi with power washing tools. After the roof is clean, we apply a coat of clear acrylic sealant that protects and maintains the original tile color for a minimum of five to seven years. This process is an affordable and cost effective alternative to roof replacement with results that continue to satisfy all of our customers.
-Ron Cossey