good roofing contractorGreen initiative is no longer your most expensive options, when shopping for a new roof for the retail and hospitality markets in San Jose and the Bay area at Large. Recent trends have made a green building an investment instead of a costly expense. More than half of the commissioned retail US projects will be “green” by year 2015, according to contractors.

According to McGraw Hill Construction’s Report, green building projects have doubled in the recent years from 2011 to 2013. You can obtain the report by clicking here. Decreased operating and installation costs coupled with consumer demand for green energy, made it possible to attain a tremendous growth in recent years.  Growth in Green Projects across the retail industry has had a meteoric rise all across the country including San Jose. “The benefits that owners are reporting are key reasons for their green building investments,” said Harvey Bernstein from the Wallstreet Journal.

Make More $$$ with Green Energy Efficiency

Green Projects add value to a property, just like double pain windows do to a residential home. Property values increase at an average of 12% for retails locations, which is a serious commercial daylightingbang for your buck when it comes to protecting your investment and increasing it’s value in the process. As well as a healthy increase in property value, the consumers can enjoy a lower level of operating costs associated with the Green Initiative. These significant economic factors are making green initiative an increasingly attractive option for Bay Area and San Jose business owners.