It’s the phone call no one wants to make. It’s late at night, a winter storm has blown in and your building is telling you that it’s time to discover that your roof has some leaks.

It’s a scenario we’ve seen repeated in our local area. Unfortunately, emergency roof repair in San Jose as well as the up and down Silicon Valley can pose a major problem for businesses. With so many local tech firms working on tomorrow’s technology, a lot of high value equipment as well as intellectual property is being sheltered under our roofs.


Prevent problems

As with any building or property concern, a smart schedule of preventative maintenance for your roof is the first step to avoiding those painful emergency roof repair calls. Here are a few facts you should know about leaks and regular roof maintenance:

  • Many small leaks cannot be detected by the average person or building occupant.
  • Mold can become a serious problem even when caused by small leaks.
  • Left unrepaired, damage caused by leaks will grow quickly.
  • Professionals have the equipment and experience to detect leaks early, before they have caused much damage.

With our years of experience and industry-leading ratings, Platinum Roofing can provide you with the regular inspection and maintenance you need to prevent potentially devastating losses due to roof leaks as well as the high cost of extensive repairs. We’re proud of our almost 98 percent callback rate with our customers.

Beware of roving roofers

If you follow the news, you know that when natural climatic events hit an area and cause major roof damage, less that scrupulous roofers tend to descend on the area. At best their work is below average in quality and at worst they scam building owners. Owners need to be careful even in normal times. At Platinum Roofing, we offer the following tips when you’re selecting a roofer, and frankly, they apply to virtually every construction trade:

  • Look for longevity in the area. See how long your roofer has been serving the local community.
  • Check certifications and memberships in professional associations. This demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the trade.
  • Contact references. A good roofer will be glad to provide you with recent references. Be sure to follow up on references that are for roofs similar to yours.
  • See what kind, if any, guarantee the roofing company offers.

Also, when you speak to references, don’t limit your conversation to just the roof repair or installation work. Ask about how the workers handled themselves on the job site. Having a courteous group of workers who respect your place of business is very important. While the work is being done, it’s likely you’ll have customers and customers at your facility. Your roofers need to respect that fact and minimize any disruption that might be associated with the work they are performing for you.

When you find a roofing company does great work and respects your business, you want to maintain that relationship. We believe that’s the reason Platinum Roofing can boast such a high repeat business rate.