Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are up all around the Bay Area! Is your roof costing you money in one of the warmest places in the United States? If you are not taking advantage of a Cool Roof you are definitely missing some valuable savings. Are you working with a limited budget and a large undertaking can wait – Paint your Roof White!

San Jose Cool RoofThe color of your roof plays a big role when it comes to the temperature inside the structure. Painting your roof white can have an impact on your energy spending this year. Cities such as Pittsburgh have joined the ranks of Green Initiatives all around the country. The effort is subsidized by the city and the Civic Engagement Office as well as the Department of Public Works.

Roofs painted a dark color absorb the heat of the sun at a much higher rate and tend to retain this heat as well as passing this on the interior of the building. If your roof has poor insulation the issue is compounded. A “cool roof” is a roof that has been treated with reflective paint. Some reflective paint is actually dark color and reflects the specific portion of the spectrum that produces highest levels of heat. So simply taking a bucket of white paint on top of your roof might not produce the desired results.

This low tech solution can produce savings of up to 15% off your energy expenditures on the monthly basis. The actual energy efficiency of a building depends on a number of factors such as the use of air conditioning, local climate, building height and others. Depending on these factors savings in a dollar amount can be quite significant, especially in a warm climate such as San Jose, California