A Magic Bullet for Roofing?


When it comes to roofing your building there is no such thing as a magic bullet.  Many criteria come into play when budgeting and planning for a re-roof project.  At Platinum Roofing we work one on one with you to determine the needs of the building occupant as well as the ownership’s long term goals.

There is more to re-roofing than just picking a roof system.  Some of the things to consider for re-roofing are potential energy savings, potential tax savings, roof longevity and life cycle costs, warranty options and a myriad of other items.

For funding the re-roof project we work with the owners to determine the best funding options.  Often there are multiple ways to fund a re-roof project.  There may be tax benefits such as energy credits, tax write offs, accelerated depreciation or other benefits.  We can work with your CPA or tax firm to determine if there are any benefits that can be provided.

Our goal when working with a client is to provide the best roof options at the best prices with the most value added benefits.  We know a roofing project is a long term investment and we want to develop a long term relationship with our clients that will even last longer than the roof systems we install.

Contact Platinum Roofing today at Info@platinumroofinginc.com or 800-284-5887 to find out if you can benefit from any energy or tax savings along with long term manufacturer backed warranties