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“Roofing isn’t about just stopping leaks, it’s about maximizing energy efficiency.”

As a pioneer in energy efficient roofing, Platinum knows installing this kind of system is more than just putting on a white roof. We are certified with all major manufacturers and utilize the latest in sustainable products and practices. Platinum works with you to create a system within your budget that will put money back in your pocket month after month.

Platinum is very experienced in a complete range of systems, including:

  • Acrylic Fluid-Applied – We are specialists in this latest technology: the polyester reinforced white acrylic fluid-applied roof, also known as a “cool roof.” Applied over an existing one, it extends its life and provides reflective characteristics that help lower the overall temperature of a building.
  • Fiberglass Shingle – Replacing organic shingles with fiberglass ones as the latter are lighter and have a better fire rating.
  • Cedar Shakes – Platinum also offers traditional organic cedar shingles for a natural look.
  • Traditional Hot Asphalt – We use a crew of experienced applicators for proper installation of all hot asphalt systems.
  • Single Ply Membranes – We install a wide range of single ply membrane materials that include PVC, TPO, and EPDM, all with warranties.

Going Green?

Roofing is one of the top energy efficiency projects for owners who wish to demonstrate their commitment to the environment, reduce operating costs, and achieve LEED or Energy Star status.

Some of the value added benefits of installing energy efficient roofing are:

  • Return on investment of 1–10 years typical
  • Decreased heating and cooling costs
  • Reduced HVAC maintenance and repairs
  • Increased building health
  • Improved building efficiency
  • Improved worker productivity

In addition to lowering the impact on the environment, reducing your carbon footprint and reducing your operating costs; greening your system can also help you qualify for additional rebates, tax credits, and incentives.

We also provide the following general services:

  • Maintenance – Regularly maintaining components that are constantly exposed to the elements will help lengthen your system’s life.
  • Roof Inspections – We perform a thorough, informative evaluation of any existing system and provide highly detailed reports
  • Emergency Service Calls – We are on call 24 hours a day, every day, even holidays!
  • General Roof Repairs  –  We also offer general repairs that include new roof penetrations, flashings for screen, and mechanical or solar system supports.

Acrylic Fluid-Applied Roofing Systems

At Platinum Roofing we are specialists in a relatively new type of roof system: the polyester reinforced white acrylic fluid-applied roof, also known as a “cool roof,” which is applied over an existing roof to extend its life and provide reflective characteristics. Any existing roof surface is a candidate for using this system. Depending on the condition of the existing roof, a protective acrylic surface can even be applied without any reinforcement making it an extremely cost-effective option. The benefits of a cool roof are as follows:

  • Saves money on cooling costs. Actual cooling cost savings of 20 to 25% are common and even up to 50% has been documented by the EPA and other agencies.
  • Less expensive (to install and maintain). Depending on roof insulation, the cost savings of lower cooling costs could cover the re-topcoat expense that is necessary every 10 to 15 years. This means your actual out-of-pocket expense for re-roofing any of your buildings is only once instead of three times during your lifetime, according to a recent survey. And when selling, you won’t get dinged for roof credits.
  • Can be treated as roof maintenance, and as a result, can be expensed in a single year.
  • Decreases the temperature inside the building during the warmer months.
  • It is lightweight, and as such can be applied directly over virtually any existing low slope roofing system. And by doing so helps preserve our ever- growing landfills.
  • It’s seamless. That means there are no seams to come loose and allow water leakage.
  • It is walk-able.
  • It is superior to all other systems where rooftop mechanical equipment limits access to the roof surface and disconnects, and lifting is not practical.
  • Can be color-tinted for aesthetic appeal.

San Jose TPO Roof

Acrylic fluid-applied roofing is inexpensive to install and maintain and can extend the life of a roof dramatically. Fluid-applied coatings are formulated with UV blocking and white pigments to protect further asphalt degradation in the old roofing below. The degradation of conventional hot asphalt reinforced roof systems is caused by three important factors: (1) loss of plasticizers, which provide flexibility, (2) UV components of sunlight, and (3) thermal shock caused by large fluctuations in temperature change. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the white pigments in fluid-applied coatings can actually reduce the temperature of the roof surface by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or within 10 degrees of the ambient air temperature, hence the name “cool roof”. These key elements virtually “freeze” the aging process of the old roof system below.

This system also features the best manufacturer warranties in the industry. Ten and 15-year material and labor warranties are available from most manufacturers and are usually renewed when the white acrylic topcoat is re-sprayed every 10-15 years.
-Ron Cossey

TPO Roof San Jose

Energy Saving Benefits of “Cool Roofs”

“Cool Roofs” ride the wave of Green Building, and save property owners and managers lots of green, too.

According to the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, rooftops represent 15 to 30% of the total land area in major cities, representing an opportunity to create a positive impact on our environment by incorporating green building principals when re-roofing. Property owners and facilities managers are quickly learning that these green rooftops can help to create a positive impact on their bottom line as well.

Green building is the design and construction of buildings to increase their efficiency in the use of water, energy, and maintenance. The goal of green building is to minimize the negative impact on the environment and our health. Sustainable roofing alternatives like “Cool Roofs” are part of the green building movement, and provide longer service life, lower maintenance costs and significant energy savings—which all add up to minimizing the negative effect on the environment and our wallets.

Traditional roof surfaces such as aggregate, metal, mineral cap sheet, aluminum coatings and “black” EPDM can reach temperatures up to 210 degrees during the summer months. In cities and suburbs, this creates a heat island effect, which is an increase in outside temperature compared to rural areas.

It’s due to the replacement of natural land cover with pavement, roads and buildings. This causes an increase in the use of energy.

The “Title 24” section within the California Building Code now requires commercial buildings that use electricity to cool air in the structure to install a “Cool Roof” when re-roofing. A “Cool Roof” has a surface reflectance rating of at least .70 of solar energy and emittance rating of at least of .75 absorbed heat (as defined by the Cool Roof Rating Council) and will limit surface temperatures to approximately 120 degrees, decreasing the demand for electricity. And there’s more good news: Owners and managers of commercial buildings have discovered that “Cool Roofs” reduce cooling costs anywhere from 10% to 30%. And almost any roof is a candidate for this coating.

Lightweight, seamless and walkable, “Cool Roofs” can be treated as roof maintenance so they can be expensed in a single year. There is no tear-off, so nothing goes in the landfill. Lower cooling costs, environmental factors, and financial benefits make fluid applied “Cool Roofs” an attractive choice and “Title 24” compliant. In fact, many facilities managers aren’t even waiting until their roofs have reached their full life cycle before re-roofing.

Here’s a great example of how one commercial real estate firm realized significant savings with a “Cool Roof”: Recently, CB Richard Ellis, manager of the Comerica campus in San Jose, had Platinum Roofing inspect the campus’s roof for replacement. It was originally a conventional reinforced hot bitumen roof system with a cap sheet surface, that was re-roofed using a polyester reinforced white Metacrylic “Cool Roof ” about 15 years ago. This seamless roof system is “Title 24” compliant and carries a lifetime renewable warranty. Platinum Roofing’s inspection verified that after 15 years, the roof only needed cleaning and another 36 mils of white acrylic top-coat and the warranty could be renewed for another 10 years. At less than a 1/3 of the cost of a total roof replacement, this was very good news.

And without its disposal in our landfill, its saves more than just dollars.

-Mike Stephenson

This article originally appeared in the Bay Area Building Management Resource Guide.

Cedar Shakes Complete Renovation Services

At Platinum Roofing we only use cedar carrying the Certi-label. The Certi-label ensures that products used are approved by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB). This is the agency that has created and written the cedar and shake grading rules contained in the national building codes. The CSSB maintains a rigorous control program comprised of two parts:

  1. Random, unannounced inspections of each member manufacturer to ensure that standards are being met.
  2. Unannounced quality inspections at the mill, coupled with in-field education to members regarding correct installation of cedar products

The team at Platinum Roofing has completed the in-depth training and has the experience it takes to install cedar according to the strict CSSB guidelines. Platinum Roofing will typically recommend cedar as a solution when working with a steep pitch, and when a certain natural aesthetic is desired. In addition to its natural beauty, cedar has many inherent benefits:

  • Cedar is a renewable resource
  • Cedar can withstand 245mph wind speeds
  • Has a high insulation value, low energy cost
  • Cedar is highly resilient in earthquakes
  • Can withstand pounding hailstorms
  • Aesthetically pleasing – lasting value
  • Pressure – impregnated fire retardant lasts a lifetime
  • Pressure – impregnated preservative treatment guards against decay
  • Cedar is the best choice for a steeply pitched roof.

Cedar can last 30-50 years depending on the type of edge grain selected, installation technique, care and maintenance. Warranties for Cedar can range from 25-50 years.

-Adam Coronado

Fiberglass Shingle Roofing

The fiberglass shingle was introduced in the 1970’s to replace organic shingles that were popular for steep roofing applications. Lighter and with a better fire rating than its organic cousins, fiberglass shingles represent over 80% of the roofing market.

When considering roofing options, remember that only a crew with considerable experience should apply a Fiberglass Shingle Roof, like at Platinum Roofing, because craftsmanship details, such as ventilation, correct nailing and shingle placement, can and will directly affect the durability of the shingles. Manufacturer instructions should be carefully followed by the installer to increase the durability of the shingles.

The major benefits of Fiberglass Shingle roofing include a class A fire rating, walkablity, and good retention of the initial installation color. Elk roofing products are one of Platinum’s preferred fiberglass shingle manufacturers. Their Shafter plant, which supplies California with their shingles, has never had a reported shingle failure. They were the first to improve the fiberglass mat early on and the first to develop a high definition look. A 7-year “Full System Warranty” is available with this roofing system.
-Adam Coronado

General Commercial Roof Repair in San Francisco

As a Bay area commercial property owner, you would like to find the best commercial roof repair in San Francisco. You do not want to keep calling the contractor back every time there is a problem. It is much better to have it repaired right the first time.

A repair that is not done properly in the beginning is the number one complaint that we get from people about other companies. If not done correctly the first time – and with a guarantee – you are likely to end up spending hundreds of dollars to fix the problem later.

Roof Repair in San Francisco

Preventative Maintenance

As a roof is exposed to the effects of the weather, it will inevitably need repairs at some point. If routine maintenance is done regularly by one of our professionals, you can prevent the need for unnecessary replacements or repairs.

Once we perform any repairs or maintenance work, you can rest assured that there will be no more problems, and you won’t be calling us back. And if there is some problem that occurs, we will come back and fix it at no charge.

Cool Roof Solution

If your roof is getting older and needs repairs because of leaks continually popping up, Platinum has a very cost effective solution. We are specialists in polyester reinforced white acrylic fluid applied roofs, a new type of system also known as a “cool roof” for its reflective characteristics.

When applied over an existing one, it can effectively seal small areas where water can penetrate. Depending on the condition of the existing structure, any surface is a candidate for using this system. The protective acrylic surface can even be applied without any reinforcement, and will extend the life of your system dramatically.

We also perform general repairs to specific areas, including new penetration flashings for screen, mechanical or solar system supports, or other mechanical equipment. We also are very experienced with the use of tapered insulation and the addition of interior drains or perimeter drain scuppers to improve drainage to any particular area.

For any kind of commercial roof repair in San Francisco or the Bay area, contact us for a free estimate today!

Regular Roof Maintenance – A Good Idea

Did you know that 70% of all early roof failure is due to lack of normal roof maintenance or flashing details?

Regularly maintaining roof system components that are constantly exposed to the elements will eliminate or reduce chemical, physical, and thermal stresses. Left unchecked, these stresses can shorten a roof’s service life and cause untimely damages.

Flashings are the transition materials between the primary roofing materials and the features that don’t get covered with roofing materials. In all of PRI’s roofing assemblies, manufacturer flashing details are strictly followed and even upgraded in some instances, assuring our customers a fuller term roofing system.

The flashing materials and areas most affected by “normal aging” are the following:

  • Caulking
  • Mastics
  • Base flashings
  • Coping metal
  • Pitch pan filler
  • Mechanical duct work
  • Misc. metal terminations
  • Counter flashings
  • Edge metal
  • Masonry walls
  • Fasteners
  • Drains
  • Areas of foot traffic
  • Misc. penetration flashings
  • Protective surface coatings
  • Expansion joints
  • Pond water areas
  • Exhaust or leaks from machinery

Most manufacturer warranties are contingent on the building owner having roof maintenance performed annually. It is always wise to include an annual roof maintenance program to not only avoid potential manufacturer warranty issues, but to know your overall roof performance and condition.

-Michael Stephenson

Tile Roof Restoration and Repair

One of the many extended services that Platinum Roofing, Inc. offers is tile roof restoration and repair. Through a cleaning and sealing process we can restore faded, stained and weather damaged roofing tile back to their original color. First, we clean the roof by removing dirt and fungi with power washing tools. After the roof is clean, we apply a coat of clear acrylic sealant that protects and maintains the original tile color for a minimum of five to seven years. This process is an affordable and cost effective alternative to roof replacement with results that continue to satisfy all of our customers.

-Ron Cossey

Single Ply Membranes

Platinum Roofing installs a wide range of single ply membranes on a regular basis. Typical single ply membrane roofs have warrantees that range from 10 years to 30 years and have diverse materials that include PVC, TPO and EPDM. These single ply membranes have warrantees that are typically no dollar limit and backed for labor and materials by the manufacturer. Single Ply Membranes are classified as an environmentally friendly roof system.

These roof systems when properly designed can save up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs. They are also 100% recyclable and many of the major manufacturers have recycling programs in place to reuse the old membrane when it is no longer in use. Single Ply Membranes are typically classified as a “cool roof” material and have reflectivity of 80% or greater. Some single ply membranes have been in use for over 50 years and have a proven track record. Ask Platinum Roofing to design a Platinum E^2 roofing system that puts money in your pocket year after year.

Hot Asphalt Roofs

The traditional hot-mopped roof system has been in existence for over 175 years. Asphalt, a petroleum by-product, is the major component of this system. The major advantages to an asphalt roof are that it’s cost effective and extremely durable when properly applied. Platinum Roofing uses a crew of experienced applicators for proper installation of all hot asphalt roof systems.

A well-installed hot-mopped roof with four reinforcing plies (4-ply) provides up to 280 mils in waterproofing protection and thickness for foot traffic. Mineral surface cap sheets can be installed with white acrylic applied directly to the surface in the factory so it can comply with the new “Title 24” requirements. The redundancy in layers gives the added insurance of a long-lasting roof, which should remain serviceable for at least 25 years. If the white reflective coating is reapplied every 10 years or so, it could last indefinitely.

There is the perception that hot-mopped roofs have lost their edge in today’s re-roofing but this has to do with the quality of workmanship. In my inspection of existing multi-ply hot asphalt roof systems, I find there to be a wide range of standards in asphalt application. In my opinion, when properly applied, this is still the best roofing system in the industry.

The main drawback in the past to hot asphalt roofing, has been the odor. There is now low-fuming asphalt and additives that virtually eliminate fumes and odors. Factors to consider for re-roofing with asphalt are building access, the amount of rooftop mechanical equipment, height, existing roofing layers, and weather.

-Michael Stephenson

Emergency Service Calls

Platinum Roofing is on call 24 hours a day, every day, holidays included. If you need emergency service, we’re there. Fast. Our written guarantee protects you from call back charges on non-warrantied roofs so you avoid the tenant complaints that often go with them. If our crew has to return more than once, it’s free. And every one of Platinum Roofing’s service team must follow our strict Code Of Conduct, to ensure that your emergency service experience is a good one.

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