Thank You and Happy Holidays

Thank you for supporting us! We appreciate your business and your friendship.

There have been some exciting changes in the energy efficiency world that are continuing to unfold.

Platinum has continued to grow throughout 2012 thanks to your support. We have completed several million square feet of energy efficient roof installations, daylight harvesting projects, LED lighting retrofits and some solar projects.

We love working with our customers creating projects that increase their efficiency, improving their bottom lines and reducing their carbon footprints.

In 2012 we saw several laws come into affect including AB 32 the carbon trading standards for California. The city of San Francisco passed bench marking requirements of buildings 10,000 square feet or greater. The state of California pushed back it’s bench marking mandate to July 2013.

The California Energy Commission passed more efficient building standards that go into effect January 2014. These standards include residential and commercial and include lighting controls, solar ready roofs and cool roof technologies.

New energy goals have been set for commercial buildings to be Net Zero by 2030. This means buildings built or renovated after 2029 must use a combination of improved efficiency and distributed renewable generation to meet 100 percent of their annual energy need.

We hope in the upcoming month you, your families and companies have time to relax and enjoy a few moments before 2013 rolls around.