solar-platinumWe’ve all watched the price of fossil fuels go up over the years. It hits us every time we fill our gas tanks. Even though the U.S. is in the middle of a dramatic increase in oil production, it hasn’t done much, or anything, to bring down energy costs from the standard sources.

However, no one has yet figured out a way to charge for sunlight and that, along with excellent technological improvements, is making solar power an increasingly attractive choice. And one of the best ways to cash in on this trend in your business is with a solar roof.

Buffet on the bandwagon

This isn’t just us talking. Not too long ago we noted on these pages how Warren Buffet has made a major investment in the solar energy sector. Over the years, we’ve found that it’s always a wise idea to align oneself with the “smart money.”

There are more options than ever before if you’re considering a solar roof, such as

  • Crystalline silicon,
  • Thin film, and
  • Building integrated photovoltaics.

These systems all reward the owner with a supply of electricity. At Platinum Roofing, we have experience with virtually all the solar roofing systems in use today as well as excellent relationships with the best manufacturers.

A closer look

Crystalline silicon solar panels are made up of thin layers of refined silicon between sheets of glass. They are efficient in their ability to convert sunshine into electricity, so they’re one of the better choices for a building where you don’t have a lot of space to work with. The glass used in their construction requires careful handling during installation. Platinum Roofing has the professionals you need to do the best job.

Lighter than the crystalline silicon panels are the thin film panels. The advantage with this technology is its lighter weight and lower cost. However, these panels also require more roof coverage to achieve the desired electrical output, when compared to crystalline silicon panels.

For years, one of the criticisms of solar panels has been their appearance. This isn’t quite as much of a concern for commercial installations as it is in residential areas. Nonetheless, if aesthetics need to be addressed, building integrated photovoltaics (BIPVs) are made that look like regular roofing tiles.

In hot water

One more option needs to be mentioned: solar hot water. Sometimes the best use of solar power is to heat up water. Depending on what you do with your commercial building, this might be a great option for you.

As we said above, while it’s impossible to predict the exact price of energy from traditional sources, it is a very safe bet that it will continue to increase. In any business, there is great value in being able to accurately predict overhead costs. A solar roof allows you to do that. Further, when building owners run the numbers they find that the return on investment is generally faster than anticipated. In fact, it can be from one to 10 years.

Because of reasons like these many owners are finding that the future of solar roofs is now.