As a Bay area commercial property owner, you would like to find the best commercial roof repair in San Francisco. You do not want to keep calling the contractor back every time there is a problem. It is much better to have it repaired right the first time. A repair that is not done properly in the beginning is the number one complaint that we get from people about other companies. If not done correctly the first time – and with a guarantee – you are likely to end up spending hundreds of dollars to fix the problem later.

Read about Cedar Shakes, Fiberglass Roofing, and Tile Roofing below!


At Platinum Roofing we only use cedar carrying the Certi-label. The Certi-label ensures that products used are approved by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB). This is the agency that has created and written the cedar and shake grading rules contained in the national building codes. The CSSB maintains a rigorous control program comprised of two parts:

  1. Random, unannounced inspections of each member manufacturer to ensure that standards are being met.
  2. Unannounced quality inspections at the mill, coupled with in-field education to members regarding correct installation of cedar products

The team at Platinum Roofing has completed the in-depth training and has the experience it takes to install cedar according to the strict CSSB guidelines. Platinum Roofing will typically recommend cedar as a solution when working with a steep pitch, and when a certain natural aesthetic is desired. In addition to its natural beauty, cedar has many inherent benefits:

  • Cedar is a renewable resource
  • Cedar can withstand 245mph wind speeds
  • Has a high insulation value, low energy cost
  • Cedar is highly resilient in earthquakes
  • Can withstand pounding hailstorms
  • Aesthetically pleasing – lasting value
  • Pressure – impregnated fire retardant lasts a lifetime
  • Pressure – impregnated preservative treatment guards against decay
  • Cedar is the best choice for a steeply pitched roof.

Cedar can last 30-50 years depending on the type of edge grain selected, installation technique, care and maintenance. Warranties for Cedar can range from 25-50 years.



The fiberglass shingle was introduced in the 1970’s to replace organic shingles that were popular for steep roofing applications. Lighter and with a better fire rating than its organic cousins, fiberglass shingles represent over 80% of the roofing market. When considering roofing options, remember that only a crew with considerable experience should apply a Fiberglass Shingle Roof, like at Platinum Roofing, because craftsmanship details, such as ventilation, correct nailing and shingle placement, can and will directly affect the durability of the shingles. Manufacturer instructions should be carefully followed by the installer to increase the durability of the shingles.

The major benefits of Fiberglass Shingle roofing include a class A fire rating, walkablity, and good retention of the initial installation color. Elk roofing products are one of Platinum’s preferred fiberglass shingle manufacturers. Their Shafter plant, which supplies California with their shingles, has never had a reported shingle failure. They were the first to improve the fiberglass mat early on and the first to develop a high definition look. A 7-year “Full System Warranty” is available with this roofing system.


One of the many extended services that Platinum Roofing, Inc. offers is tile roof restoration and repair. Through a cleaning and sealing process we can restore faded, stained and weather damaged roofing tile back to their original color. First, we clean the roof by removing dirt and fungi with power washing tools. After the roof is clean, we apply a coat of clear acrylic sealant that protects and maintains the original tile color for a minimum of five to seven years. This process is an affordable and cost effective alternative to roof replacement with results that continue to satisfy all of our customers.

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