San Jose Roofing Project CompletedCommercial roofing presents a different set of challenges and priorities to property owners when compared to residential roofing. The technical requirements of installing and maintaining a commercial roof are far greater than what a residential roof demands.

Further, the investment in a commercial roof, and the way a property owner views that investment are different from the point of view a homeowner would typically have concerning the roof that shelters the family. For these reasons, it’s especially important to employ trusted and experienced professionals when installing, maintaining and repairing commercial roofs.

Let’s look at a few of these points in greater detail.

Bottom line impact

The Bottom Line - Commercial RoofingA commercial roof has great potential for affecting the bottom line of a business in both positive and negative ways. When the right materials are selected for the installation and local conditions, a commercial roof can greatly help control heating and cooling costs, as we explain below. Working with a commercial roofer who is trained and experienced in your options can make a big difference.

Installation problems, deferred or poor roof maintenance in a commercial setting can lead to significant equipment or inventory losses, or even downtime when inclement weather rolls through your area.

To be able to properly maintain a commercial roof, the crew has to be experienced and thoroughly trained. Finding and repairing potential leak areas before they become a problem is not always easy. It’s not a job for less skilled roofers.

Preventative maintenance from an expert roofer is one of your biggest allies for keeping your building costs down and productivity up. A good maintenance program managed by a trusted professional roofer will greatly extend the service life of your roof, giving you extra funds to put toward other projects.

Commercial roofing demands

Roof Inspection San JoseMany commercial roofs are flat and the skill set required to properly install flat roofs is far greater than what it takes to install typical pitched residential roofs. Further, in recent years the variety of materials available for flat roof installations has increased dramatically. These new options offer advantages that vary from building to building, depending on the site and the requirements of the owner.

Advanced, energy efficient roofing is claiming an increasingly significant share of the new commercial roofs in our area and it takes a high degree of training and experience to work with these new roof systems.

Matching the right energy efficient roof to your building can result in insignificantly lower utility bills. This creates something of a “ripple effect.” Lower heating and cooling costs mean that HVAC systems don’t have to work so hard. This decreases their maintenance and replacements costs. Also, minimizing the constant cycling from warmer to cooler is better for your building and all the equipment it houses. Employees tend to enjoy a more even environment too.

Hiring an expert roofer to install an advanced, eco-friendly roof system also reduces your carbon footprint while at the same time it increases the positive feelings the public has for your brand. We might also mention that sometimes various financial incentives are available. An experienced commercial roofer can help point these out to you.