It can be frustrating to think that the roof you’ve spent so much money on can be ruined just by rainwater. The small holes and minor leaks it has right now can lead to bigger problems, not to mention major expenses later on. Before the issue becomes too hot to handle, call on contractors reputed to provide the best roofing for the Bay Area commercial structures to look at your roof as soon as possible. The fact is, though it does matter how well your roof was built, without adequate waterproofing, if will definitely be subject to water infiltration.

In the roofing industry, waterproofing is the means to cover a roof with coatings or membranes that will protect it from water damage. Not only does water cause commercial roof materials-particularly cedar shakes-to rot, but it can also transform your roof into a veritable breeding ground for molds that can pose a health danger to your employees. Waterproofing protects your roof, your building structure, and your people. Its importance cannot be overstated.

When it comes to waterproofing, it is recommended that you don’t take the DIY approach. Let an expert work on it. If not done properly, the situation may worsen and a total roof replacement, that’s extremely costly, might have to be done. Here are two common roof waterproofing methods your contractor can do for you.

Rubber or plastic coating

A commercial roof that is built with poured concrete requires a rubber or plastic waterproof coating. The coating seals the concrete, rendering it completely untouchable by rainwater. This is applied through the use of a roller, brush, or sprayer to create one large, seamless membrane. Acrylic, a clear plastic, is a coating material used to waterproof concrete roofs.

Single-ply roofing

This is a commercial roofing system that uses a single layer of flexible membrane as the primary roof cover. Usually made of thermoplastic or thermoset resin, single-ply roofing membranes are flexible and strong sheets generally applied over concrete flat roof or insulation material. They are sealed at the joints to form continuous waterproofing.

Installing these waterproofing devices requires absolute technical expertise so always hire a professional for the job. For the best roofing in San Francisco, look for a reputable roofing company like Platinum Roofing, Inc.

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